What Happens While Viewing Homes

As a Saskatoon REALTOR® I have been cleared by the City of Saskatoon Police by having been fingerprinted and those results sent to the RCMP for verification that I don’t have a criminal record. As a result I am able to have secured access to our lockbox system for MLS® listed properties in Saskatoon and surrounding area. This means we can see several homes in a matter of a couple of hours as we don’t have to wait for an owner to come unlock the door. I also ensure to arrange the viewing in a sequence that makes sense for location and timing. I need to book appointments with the listing agent who in turn needs to speak to their seller so I ask my Saskatoon real estate clients to give me a list a day before viewing homes. Sometimes homes for sale in Saskatoon are tenant occupied so we need a minimum of 24 hours notice. The more organized my clients are the more organized I can be and that makes the home viewing process extremely productive.

As a new home buyer and depending on what you are looking for you will be visiting a variety of new homes and or resale homes. It is important that even though these houses are for sale, you are entering someone else’s home which could also be your potential future home. When viewing homes there are a lot of things to consider and look for to determine the potential fit for a home. I have been in some homes that are absolutely beautiful on the outside and inside but from a closer inspection during a visit we were able to identify issues that would potentially cost my clients thousands of dollars to fix if they purchased the home. One of the benefits of working with an experienced agent when buying a home is that there is no hidden agenda and that the REALTOR® should be on your side. When someone is selling a house they are going to point out the positives of a home, not the negatives. I am always looking from a resale perspective as I have a good client base who usually return to me when it is time to sell and I want to be sure when it is your turn to sell your home in Saskatoon that it is saleable . In the end it is your decision but I will point out things that could be of concern to a future buyer as that is part of my job. Some Saskatoon REALTORS® are looking for a quick sale and don’t care what happens in the future whereas my conscience doesn’t allow me to work like that.

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