The CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) is time consuming and very detailed and well thought out. I will need to come view your Saskatoon home where you will walk me through it as if you were the seller, pointing out features that I may otherwise miss in a first walk through. If you are able to email me any upgrades as well this can help. I will then do some research on current Saskatoon real estate listings, listings that have recently sold (we usually only look 3 months in the past but sometimes, depending on the activity in your area, we have to go back a bit further. I also look to see if any listings expired without selling and try to determine if this was due to overpricing or if it is some other reason. This generally takes at least 48 hours for me to complete.

Keep in mind that the CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) that any Saskatoon REALTOR® does is only effective for a period of time. The Saskatoon real estate market changes weekly so if I gave you a CMA 3 months previous and you held off listing I will need to update this CMA with new information and comparables as I need to use current active listings, recent solds, etc.

I look at Saskatoon homes that are similar style, size, age, development and location. You cannot always compare your house to your neighbours house as square footage can make a huge difference. You also cannot compare a house in an area like Willowgrove to a house in Meadowgreen. There are so many factors involved in comparing Saskatoon properties that it should be a Saskatoon real estate professional or a certified home appraiser who is doing this for you. A home appraiser is paid for this report, either by the bank or yourself.

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