For many people schools are a big consideration when buying a new home in the Saskatoon real estate market. In saying that, the distance and location of your home to a school can also positively increase the value of your house. Saskatoon has various levels of education ranging from K-12 to post secondary. The following areas of my website will provide you an overview of each school based on the type of school and the location within the city to help make your Saskatoon home buying decision that much easier.



There are many preschools available to parents in Saskatoon, both public and private. The Ministry of Learning currently funds 35 pre-kindergartens in Saskatoon and surrounding area. And there are approximately 90 preschool-type organizations.


Currently there is one Francophone school in Saskatoon that is part of the Saskatchewan Francophone School Division. Although there is only one school in Saskatoon, this school division is made up of 13 Francophone schools across Saskatchewan.


Saskatoon is home to several private schools that range from preschool to grade 12. Each school is run independently and includes religious schools that help foster and support their religious believes in their education.


All public schools in the City of Saskatoon are operated by the Saskatoon Public School Division. As of September, 2011 there are 45 elementary schools Saskatoon in various neighbourhoods. With the recent growth of the city, there are several more schools being proposed to accommodate the increasing number of children moving into Saskatoon.


There are 11 public high schools in the City of Saskatoon that are operated by the Saskatoon Public School District. These schools are spread across the city in various neighbourhoods. Similiar to elementary schools there are several new public high schools being proposed in the city to meet the growing demand for high school education in Saskatoon.


All catholic schools in the City of Saskatoon are operated by the Saskatoon Catholic School Division. As of October, 2011 there are 33 elementary schools and 7 Catholic high schools throughout Saskatoon. Some people are a bit surprised at how many Catholic schools there are in Saskatoon but in many instances where there is a public elementary school there is a catholic school next door.


There are 7 Catholic high schools across Saskatoon operated by the Saskatoon Catholic School District. Similiar to the elementary schools several of the Catholic high schools are in close proximity to a public high school. With the growth of Saskatoon there will be additional Catholic high schools proposed as the city continues to grow.


There are 4 areas that make up the surrounding Saskatoon area. Across these areas there are dozens of schools available for children and teenagers. Many of these schools are top rated and can provide the same education for your children as being located in the city. Be sure to check out these schools to help you decide where you want to buy a house.


Saskatoon is a central hub for post-secondary education for the province of Saskatchewan. Every fall, Saskatoon sees thousands of students relocate here to pursue higher education. The post secondary education opportunities in Saskatchewan cover most professions and allow prospective students to earn anything from a certificate to a PhD.

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