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A home inspection is a very important aspect of the purchase process, even in new builds for sale in Saskatoon. A professional home inspector in Saskatoon should be licensed, carry insurance, and be experienced and reputable. Your trusted Saskatoon real estate agent may have some names of people they have worked with in the past for you to call or else you can find your own. You can use your judgment when purchasing a condo for sale in Saskatoon as many people opt to forego the home inspection as the only items the buyer/seller are solely responsible for are the items inside of the unit. Keep in mind the entire condo owner association is responsible for the rest of the building as anything that goes wrong with the exterior of the building or the plumbing/mechanics etc is the responsibility of the entire owners group and if the roof is in bad shape and there is not enough money in the reserve fund, each owner has to pay their share to replace it.

For new homes for sale in Saskatoon it is good to still get an inspection as, even though the City of Saskatoon has to inspect everything to close the permits, they don’t do a detailed inspection like a professional home inspector in Saskatoon will do. I have seen a few new homes for sale in Saskatoon that didn’t pass the inspection as there were too many issues that even new home warranty wouldn’t cover.

If you have the opportunity to get a home inspection it is always advisable. If you are in a multiple offer situation and you don’t want to give the seller a reason to reject your offer and you skip the home inspection at least get one done after you take possession so that you know what you are dealing with and, if nothing else, it gives you a tutorial on your new home in Saskatoon and things to watch or fix.

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