Multiple Offers

With the Saskatoon real estate market being one of the busiest real estate markets in the world we do see multiple offers on homes even when the market doesn’t seem overly busy. Sometimes we will get multiple offers when a house for sale in Saskatoon has been on the market for days, weeks or months as it seems that when one person puts in an offer someone else is right there so you never know. If it is the right house for you don’t wait too long. Ensure you are dealing with an experienced and trusted Saskatoon REALTOR® who will know how to approach this without putting you at risk.

When we have a small number of listings in a certain price range and a large number of people looking for these houses we may see “Offers Presented On…Date…Time” which means that they are not looking at any offers before this and will be comparing all offers and seeing which terms, conditions (or lack of conditions), and price are the best for them and then choosing that offer or counter offering that offer.

There are certain approaches that may help you be the winning offer and an experienced Saskatoon real estate agent can help you determine the best offer.

Be prepared to possibly have to make an offer without conditions if it is a “hot” house and others may be able to do that. The less conditions the better, even though I never feel good about writing an offer on a Saskatoon house for sale without at least one condition, but if the situation calls for it and you need a place to live there may be no choice. You may have to get a home inspection done after you buy the house and hope for the best or else at least have someone come see it who knows about houses and can do a visual, non-invasive, “dad inspection”.

You have to listen to your gut as the Saskatoon home buyer but you also need to take the advice of your trusted Saskatoon REALTOR® into consideration.

If you are in competition with another offer of a house for sale in Saskatoon that has been on the market for awhile it is less intense and you will likely still have most of your conditions but your agent will need to do some digging to find out what is going to be appealing to them for terms that may give your offer the edge you need.

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