House Hunting in Saskatoon

Now that you have a general idea of what you are looking for this is when we hit the pavement and start physically looking at houses for sale in Saskatoon and surrounding area. I will generally ask my buyer’s to send me a list of no more than 10-12 houses after narrowing down their search online. Often times I have buyers want to view 20+ houses but usually they just need to put some more thought into their needs, wants and what they prefer in a home and we can narrow the list further.

I also ask my buyers, when we are viewing a house, if they don’t like it right away or the location, neighbours, smell, whatever it may be that they tell me and I leave a card and we move on. There is no point wasting our time in a house for sale in Saskatoon that we all know they will never consider buying. That way we can spend more time in a house that may make the top 3 list of houses they love. The minimum we usually spend is 5 minutes and the max is up to 30 minutes. Remember, if we narrow the list down to 2 or 3 that you can’t decide between we can almost always go back for a second look to make the firm decision before putting in an offer.

You don’t want to wait a week for the second look though as often times those houses will sell as our Saskatoon real estate market is a busy one. I would rather that we go back within 24 hours of the first viewing for any second looks and then put in the offer from there. If you need or want the opinion of a friend or family member the second viewing can be used for this as well.

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