How Long Should the Home Buying Process Take?

For each Saskatoon home buyer the process is slightly different. It depends on your situation but also how well I do my job with asking questions and determining what your needs and wants are. It also depends on the current Saskatoon real estate market as if we are in a situation of high supply but low demand you may take more time to find the ‘perfect house’ but if the supply is low and the demand is high you may need to make a compromise on some of your wants. If you are renting and have an open ended lease you can generally take more time. If you are relocating from somewhere else you may only have a weekend to view as many homes for sale in Saskatoon and area as possible and then put in an offer. I deal with clients in all situations and can adapt to whatever the situation. I have had clients come in on a Friday morning, view as many houses as possible and then put in an offer that evening and they leave the next day. This is where the elimination process online and communication with me before coming to the city is the key to a successful buying trip.

Generally once a buyer makes a commitment to purchase a house or condo for sale in Saskatoon or surrounding area the process is fairly quick. There isn’t much point to look at one house this week and another house the next week as by the time we view all of the houses you are interested in the first few have probably sold. I prefer to ‘hit hard’ and view all potentials within 1-2 days depending on our schedules and if we don’t find the right property we go back to the drawing board and when a new house for sale in Saskatoon comes up that fits your criteria you will hear from me and we will view it ASAP so you don’t miss an opportunity.

Overall I have had clients take anywhere from 1 day to buy a house to 6 months so motivation is the largest factor. My clients also have to understand that if they are not motivated buyers I may need to reschedule a showing if I am with someone who needs to buy a house that day. It comes down to communication and I like to treat everyone with respect so I will do my best to accommodate everyone in any given situation.

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