Open Houses

Many Saskatoon real estate agents like to do Open Houses to try to pick up new real estate buyers. Sometimes my buyers like to go out on weekends and see open houses which is fine but just let the Saskatoon REALTOR® who is working at the open house know that you already have an agent and they will probably leave you alone and not bug you for your phone number or email address. If you have been through an open house that you really like and may want to put an offer in just call me and I will go through it with you as I always need to see any home that I help my clients purchase. You want me there as an extra set of eyes as well as there may be some defects that you don’t notice as you are busy ensuring your furniture fits while I am ensuring the walls are straight and the basement is dry.

Any prospective new home buyer in Saskatoon or the surrounding area can find a list of open houses weekly in the REALTOR® Showcase that is published weekly in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix by the Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS®. Alternatively you can also visit the Saskatoon Star Phoenix website and find the link online for an electronic copy. If you have any questions about any homes listed in Saskatoon or the surrounding area in the REALTOR® Showcase please feel free to contact me anytime.


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