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Before working with new clients I always ensure we have an opportunity to sit down first and get an understanding of what you, the client, are looking for and expecting from me. I want to be sure that I am meeting your expectations as your Saskatoon REALTOR® and that we have a good idea of what you may be looking for in a new home so that I can ensure you are getting the right information as quickly as possible. I can help home buyers narrow down their decision through my years of experience in the Saskatoon real estate market and from living in Saskatoon for over 15 years.

During our consultation the first thing we will talk about is my approach to real estate and working with clients and your expectations of me as your Saskatoon real estate agent. It is very important to me as your REALTOR® that I am meeting your expectations. Honesty and respect are two of the three guiding principals on how I operate as a Saskatoon REALTOR®. It is very important that we can have open and honest conversations with each other as that will help me provide you the best information I can to you and that you provide me the information I need to provide you the best home I can for you. I always respect my clients and their families. I am working on your behalf and will ensure that your real estate needs and interests are always first. Communication is the last principal we will discuss. In this technology driven world some clients prefer email and texting while others prefer a phone call or even in person discussions. It is important that I know which method of communication works best for you and how frequently you are looking for communication to make your Saskatoon real estate buying experience everything you want it to be.

Next we will discuss the entire home buying process so you have a good understanding of what to expect. We will also discuss what you are envisioning for your new home. I have worked with many Saskatoon home buyers that know they want to purchase a new home but haven’t even really thought of what they want. They just know that buying a home is a sound financial decision but haven’t gotten much further than that. For those clients I will ask several questions to help determine an initial point to begin our search process. Other clients that I work with know exactly what they want in a home but may have questions around locations. Often people want to know about potential resale value, neighbourhood pros and cons, and various other questions that will help people determine where their next home will be. During our consultation we will go over all of this information plus more to help give us a starting point.

Our consultation is just a starting point so it is important to remember that as we start looking at potential homes you may find that you are wanting to expand our search or even go another direction. My goal is to provide my clients the home that they want so I will work with you based on what you want and not try and steer you a direction you don’t want to go. Your home buying experience is a team effort and I am working to make your Saskatoon real estate experience the best it can be.

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