How To Prepare To Buy A Home

There are over a thousand homes for sale in Saskatoon and the surrounding at anytime throughout the year. This is a daunting number so there are several things you can do to help prepare yourself before you are ready to start looking for your dream home. This section provides some helpful hints on things you can do to get yourself ready and make the looking phase as easy as possible without adding additional stress.

Remember the most important first steps which are to get pre-qualified, then pre-approved (or you can skip the first step and go straight to pre-approval as that is the most important one).

Once you have your maximum lending amount figured out and the amount that you are comfortable spending this is the time to start previewing homes online. Given all of the real estate websites that are out there I k now that most people start previewing homes well before this which is okay as long as you aren’t hitting the pavement and shopping without the knowledge of what you can spend.

You will want to find a Saskatoon REALTOR® to work with as they will show you houses for sale in Saskatoon and we can organize all of the appointments in a timely fashion to ensure that we are using our time effectively. I also suggest taking a drive through the different areas and some of the streets that you may consider buying in as you may be able to eliminate some potentials based on location alone. I set my home buyers up on an auto-email and some of my clients drive by the listings that are of interest and some can be removed from the list of potentials if something puts them off outside. Others I can remove from the list they provide me if I have shown the house for sale in Saskatoon on a previous occasion or if I know something negative about the property. Sometimes a buyer won’t realize that there are only 2 bedrooms upstairs when I know they need 3 so I also advise my buyers on these things. It is teamwork and we work together to get you the right house for you and your needs.

Ensure you have enough money for your 5% down (or whatever you have organized with your bank) as well as the money for the lawyer and closing costs associated with the purchase. Once all the ducks are in a row we can react quickly when the right house comes along.

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