Saskatoon Catholic Elementary Schools

All Catholic elementary schools in the City of Saskatoon are operated by the Saskaton Catholic School District. There are currently over 30 elementary schools that are from Kindergarden to grade 8 in the city with many more being planned in several of the new neighbourhoods.

School Name Address Phone Neighbourhood
Bishop Filevich Ukrainian Bilingual School 125 105th Street W 306-659-7230 Sutherland
Bishop Klein School 1121 Northumberland Avenue 306-659-7150 Massey Place
Bishop Pocock School 227 Avondale Road 306-659-7160 Wildwood
Bishop Roborecki School 24 Pearson Place 306-659-7180 Confederation Park
*École Cardinal Leger School 141 Campion Crescent 306-659-7190 West College Park
Father Robinson School 530 Rogers Road 306-659-7200 Erindale
Father Vachon School 3722 Centennial Drive 306-659-7210 Pacific Heights
Georges Vanier Catholic School 820 Wilson Crescent 306-659-7220 Avalon
Holy Family Catholic School 815 Stensrud Road 306-659-7850 Willowgrove
Mother Teresa School 738 Konihowski Road 306-659-7240 Silverspring
Pope John Paul II School 3035 Arlington Avenue 306-659-7460 Eastview
St. Angela School 302 Russell Road 306-659-7250 Silverwood Heights
St. Anne School 102 Ravine Court 306-659-7260 Lawson Heights
St. Augustine School 602 Boychuk Drive 306-659-7270 East College Park
St. Bernard School 203 Whiteshore Crescent 306-659-7280 Lakeview
St. Dominic School 3301 Dieppe Street 306-659-7290 Montgomery Place
St. Edward School 1002 P Avenue N 306-659-7300 Hudson Bay Park
St. Francis School 2141 McPherson Avenue 306-659-7310 Exhibition
St. George School 748 Redberry Road 306-659-7320 Lawson Heights
*École St. Gerard School 205 Montreal Avenue N 306-659-7330 Mount Royal
St. Maria Goretti Community School 301 Q Avenue N 306-659-7340 Mount Royal
St. John School 1205 N Avenue S 306-659-7360 Holiday Park
St. Luke School 275 Emmeline Road 306-659-7370 Lakeridge
St. Marguerite School 1235 McCormack Road 306-659-7380 Parkridge
St. Mark School 414 Pendygrasse Road 306-659-7390 Fairhaven
St. Mary Community School 337 O Avenue S 306-659-7370 Pleasant Hill
*École St. Matthew School 1508 Arlington Avenue 306-659-7410 Brevoort Park
St. Michael Community School 22 33rd Street E 306-659-7420 Kelsey-Woodlawn
*École St. Paul School 1527 Alexandra Avenue 306-659-7430 North Park
St. Peter School 202 Sumner Crescent 306-659-7440 Dundonald
St. Philip School 1901 Haultain Avenue 306-659-7450 Adelaide/Churchill
St. Volodymyr School 302 Kellough Road 306-659-7470 Forest Grove
*École Sister O'Brien School 451 Silverwood Road 306-59-7480 Silverwood Heights
Saskatoon French School 1441 Wellington Street 306-659-7490 Holiday Park

All schools are K-8 and * indicates French Immersion.

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