Saskatoon Public Elementary Schools

All public elementary schools in the City of Saskatoon are operated by the Saskaton Public School District. There are currently over 40 elementary schools that are from Kindergarden to grade 8 in the city with many more being planned in several of the new neighbourhoods.

School Name Address Phone Neighbourhood
Alvin Buckwold School 715 East Drive 306-683-7100 Eastview
Brevoort Park School 2909 Early Drive 306-683-7110 Brevoort Park
Brownell School 274 Russell Road 306-683-7120 Silverwood Heights
Brunskill School 101 Wiggins Avenue 306-683-7130 Varsity View
Buena Vista School 1306 Lorne Avenue 306-683-7140 Buena Vista
Caroline Robins School 1410 Byers Crescent 306-683-7150 Westview Heights
Caswell School 204 30th Street W 306-683-7160 Caswell Hill
*École College Park School 3440 Harrington Street 306-683-7170 West College Park
Confederation Park School 3555 John A. Macdonald Road 306-683-7180 Confederation Park
Dr. John G. Egnatoff School 225 Kenderdine Road 306-683-7190 Erindale
Dundonald School 162 Wedge Road 306-683-7200 Dundonald
Fairhaven School 495 Forrester Road 306-683-7210 Fairhaven
Forest Grove School 501 115th Street E 306-683-7220 Forest Grove
Greystone Heights School 2721 Main Street 306-683-7230 Greystone Heights
*École Henry Kelsey School 16 Valens Drive 306-683-7240 Hudson Bay Park
Holliston School 1511 Louise Avenue 306-683-7250 Holliston
Howard Coad School 431 T Avenue N 306-683-7260 Mount Royal
Hugh Cairns V.C. School 2621 Cairns Avenue 306-683-7270 Adelaide/Churchill
James L. Alexander School 427 McCormack Road 306-683-7280 Parkridge
John Dolan School 3144 Arlington Avenue 306-683-7290 Eastview
John Lake School 2606 Broadway Avenue 306-683-7300 Avalon
King George School 721 K Avenue S 306-683-7310 King George
Lakeridge School 305 Waterbury Road 306-683-7320 Lakeridge
*École Lakeview School 527 Kingsmere Boulevard 306-683-7330 Lakeview
Lawson Heights School 430 Redberry Road 306-683-7340 Lawson Heights
Lester B. Pearson School 3620 Centennial Drive 306-683-7350 Pacific Heights
Mayfair School 510 34th Street W 306-683-7360 Mayfair
Montgomery School 3220 Ortona Street 306-683-7370 Montgomery
North Park Wilson School 1505 9th Avenue N 306-683-7380 North Park
Pleasant Hill School 215 S Avenue S 306-683-7390 Pleasant Hill
Prince Philip School 1715 Drinkle Street 306-683-7400 Nutana Park
Princess Alexandra School 210 H Avenue S 306-683-7410 Riversdale
Queen Elizabeth School 1905 Eastlake Avenue 306-683-7420 Queen Elizabeth
*École River Heights School 60 Ravine Drive 306-683-7420 River Heights
Roland Michener School 4215 DeGeer Street 306-683-7430 East College Park
Saskatoon Christian School Site 510, Box 3, R.R. #5 306-343-1494 East of Stonebridge
Saskatoon Misbah School 222 Copland Crescent 306-384-9499 Grosvenor Park
Silverspring School 610 Konohowski Road 306-683-7900 Silverspring
Silverwood Heights School 403 Silverwood Road 306-683-7450 Silverwood Heights
Sutherland School 1008 Egbert Avenue 306-683-7460 Sutherland
*École Victoria School 639 Broadway Avenue 306-683-7670 Nutana
Westmount School 411 J Avenue N 306-683-7490 Westmount
Wildwood School 203 Rosedale Road 306-683-7500 Wildwood
W.P. Bate School 2515 18th Street W 306-683-7510 Meadowgreen

All schools are K-8 and * indicates French Immersion.

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