Moving Preparations

Leave yourself reminders to remember to leave the remotes for the garage door openers and the mailbox key as well as any spare keys you have for the house. These are some of the most common things people forget about when they leave their Saskatoon home. It is also nice to leave a forwarding address in case you get mail and would like the new owner to send it along or leave it for you to pick up. Some other nice things I have seen sellers do is leave directions to any quirky things about the house, draw a little map of who your neighbours are, and indicate which mailbox is yours in community mailbox scenarios.

If you are moving into another home before the possession occurs on your home you are in a good spot. This means you have a bit of time to move homes but it also means you may be paying for “bridge financing” at your lender to cover both mortgages. You will also be paying utilities at two dwellings for the interim.

If you have pets you may want to book a kennel for moving day to avoid stress.

If you are renting something and it is a door to door move you need to be super organized on the day of possession and have everything packed up and ready to go. You have until noon and no later on the day of closing for the home you sold. This means you have to get everything out and clean by noon. This can be a very crazy day so make sure you have as much taken care of before as you can.

No matter what the situation is you should arrange your final utility readings on or before possession day and you can utilize which is a one stop place to change your address. You can do this anytime before the move but it is suggested to do it as soon as possible. Forward your mail at the post office to your new address.

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