Role Of A Real Estate Lawyer For Selling

A trusted Saskatoon lawyer needs to handle the sale of your home. If you need the name of lawyers in Saskatoon I would be happy to supply you a few of the ones I use. It is important to use a Saskatoon lawyer who knows what they are doing with residential real estate law to make sure the process is a smooth one.

The lawyer will do a property tax search and will ensure that this is paid to you by the buyer or that you pay what is owed. Any costs owed will be paid from your proceeds and these are considered “adjustments”.

If you have been using your property as a rental the lawyer may also be responsible for making sure the right people have the money due to them.

The lawyer also ensures that the Saskatoon REALTORS® who worked in the transaction are paid and that the initial deposit is properly accounted for.

You will also need to meet with the lawyer before possession to sign the instructions. This may only be a couple of days before possession depending on everyone’s schedule.

On the day of possession, once the money from the buyer’s lawyer is received by your lawyer, your lawyer needs to advise that keys are releasable so that the buyer’s can then move into their new home.

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