Home Seller Documents

The first thing I will need from you is called FINTRAC which is to verify that you are who you say you are. This is an important part of organized real estate as we are here to ensure that you are actually the seller. Another scary thing about private sales is buyers never actually know if the person they are trusting their money and life to is actually the home owner. Saskatoon real estate agents ensure that you are the owner.

We then use Agency Disclosure to make you aware of what my duties are to you and that we are in an Agency Agreement so we each have duties to each other.

When listing we have an Exclusive Sellers Brokerage Contract which is actually a contract between you and Century 21 Saskatoon as I am a sub-contractor of Century 21 Saskatoon. If I leave Century 21 for any reason your contract stays with them, not with me. This is the form where we agree to the listing price, terms, commission, and ability to advertise on the MLS® system.

We also have a Residential Data Input Form which is the form that gives all the details of your home to Saskatoon real estate agents and the public. Your name and confidential information is not shared with the public but the public does need room dimensions, flooring, info on the size, what is included, etc.

I also have my sellers fill out a Property Condition Disclosure Statement. This is where you disclose anything you know about your property and it is very detailed. If you don’t live in your Saskatoon home for sale you may opt to not fill this out as you may not know all of the answers. You have to be honest in your answers as, if you are caught misrepresenting, you may be taken to court by the buyers if they discover your dishonesty. If it was something you weren’t aware of this is different.

I may also ask you for copies of your bills as people are always asking what the heating costs are as the bank will ask. I also need to know taxes, condo fees if applicable, and it is good to know about all utilities.

It is our responsibility to accurately advertise your home for sale in Saskatoon so if you or I notice something isn’t correct (your forms go to our board office and sometimes they make input errors) we need to report it and have it changed immediately.

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