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Online marketing is here and it is here to stay. Print media is becoming less and less effective in today’s world. Most of us get a bit overwhelmed with junk mail and prefer to do our own research online for whatever we are looking for. Whether it is looking for a Saskatoon real estate agent, house for sale in Saskatoon or the best place to buy a blender the majority of consumers are turning to the Internet. The Internet tends to be the most current and accessible to today’s consumer with the ever increasing usage of Smart Phones, iPads, etc.

I focus my advertising dollars on online marketing. Through my various websites as well as the websites created for consumers to advise you of MLS® listings I have better internet presence than at least 95% of other Saskatoon REALTORS®.

As I own the current domain name you are on,, whenever someone searches that term they pull up my website. My listings are on the front page which means it gets the attention of any potential buyer.

Of course your home gets advertised on but it also goes on and, as I use 21 pictures (that is the magic number), your Saskatoon home for sale gets more page views than one that does not have 21 photos. I also utilize and to advertise your Saskatoon home for sale.

The only print media that I advertise in is the weekly Saskatoon REALTOR® Showcase. Many agents use this tool for personal promotion however I use it to advertise my Saskatoon homes for sale. If you have ever opened up the Showcase you will find your Saskatoon home for sale on the inside of the first page as I utilize a tool that advertises Saskatoon houses for sale by area, not by agent. This means your house for sale in Saskatoon is easy for consumers to find and they know exactly what area your home is in.

I also utilize Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote my Saskatoon houses for sale. I put links to your listing on these websites which is another useful tool to get your house for sale in Saskatoon to stand out from the competition.

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