Pricing Your Home

You can be confident that I will spend the required time and research the determine the right price to list your home for sale in Saskatoon. Bear in mind that if we meet and agree that we can work together I will spend several hours on determining the best pricing. Some Saskatoon real estate agents don’t do their research and instead let you, the seller, determine the price to list your home at. I call this ‘buying listings’ as that agent is not doing you a service, they are getting the listing and then will likely hit you for reductions when showings aren’t happening. While I ask your input and I ask what you think the value of your home is, I always ensure to do the research to figure out what a bank will decide your home is worth.

No matter what you think the value of your home is and even if a buyer is willing to pay more for your home than the previous sales history indicates, if an appraiser cannot back up the value the buyer will not be able to secure a mortgage. So there is no point in overpricing your home as lenders won’t secure a mortgage so it is better to list it right the first time and avoid market damage and catch people’s interest right away. The longer your home sits on the market the lower the offers tend to be and, especially if your home is vacant, the more it is costing you with mortgage payments, tax, utilities, insurance on a vacant home, and peace of mind!

So remember, even if one agent tells your that your home is worth more than another if you don’t see the evidence to back that up be wary as they may be buying your listing and not looking out for your best interests.

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