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If you have special requests, such as no showings at a certain time or day, I ensure to put this right in the REALTOR® comments so that we can avoid Saskatoon real estate agents from trying to show your home for sale when it is not good for you. If your Saskatoon home for sale is easy to show during certain hours I will advise all agents of this so that they know they can get in on short notice as we want to encourage as many showings as possible.

If you prefer that I let you know about showings by email, text or phone let me know and I will communicate with you in your preferred mode.

I generally advise my sellers to leave their home every morning as if it will be shown that day as not all Saskatoon REALTORS® are organized enough to ask the day before for an appointment. Sometimes Saskatoon home buyers don’t ask their agent about a property until the day they are out looking at homes for sale in Saskatoon. Even if your house isn’t 100% clean it is better to allow a showing than to turn one away as sometimes buyers are only here for the day. It is hard to do but it happens to everyone so try not to let it bother you.

It is best if you are not at home for showings as buyers are not comfortable when sellers are looking over their shoulders or listening to them. This is one of the major problems with private sales as there is no comfort to talk freely amongst yourself about the house.

Often an agent will book a window of 30 minutes to an hour of when the showing will occur. It can be hard for even an organized Saskatoon real estate agent to know exactly when they will arrive and leave your home as they may be showing many houses for sale in Saskatoon in one time period so it is tough to know when we will arrive depending on how the previous showings go and traffic.

For the seller if you are leaving your home for a specific showing it is nice to leave the lights on but if you are away all day at work and there is a showing in the afternoon don’t worry about the lights-Saskatoon REALTORS® are meant to leave the home the way they found it so if the lights are out they should be turning them out.

If you have pets and can get them out of the house for showings this may be a good idea, especially for dogs as many people are scared of dogs.

When a Saskatoon real estate agent arrives with clients it can take anywhere from 2 minutes (not good!) to an hour to view your home. Usually though showings last anywhere from 15-30 minutes so be prepared to leave your home about 15 minutes before the showing and come back an hour later.

For feedback I don’t always get the feedback the same day. Sometimes it is the next day, depending on when I can reach the other agent. Not all Saskatoon REALTORS® take the feedback portion to be important so some agents are terrible at getting back to me. If I call the agent within an hour of the showing we look desperate so I like to leave a bit of time and then as soon as I can I will pass their comments along. Sometimes it is very basic such as “Showed well but not for them” so I apologize in advance but it is better to know something than to wonder.

If you desire an open house I would be happy to arrange for another Century 21 Saskatoon agent to come do an open house. Sometimes we get your neighbours or people just out for a drive but sometimes we get qualified buyers. If people are serious though and they really want to see your home they will book an appointment with their Saskatoon REALTOR® and if they don’t have an agent in Saskatoon they will call me to set up a showing.

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