Now that you have decided to sell your Saskatoon home the next step is to get it ready to be listed. Prior to listing your property I can provide you with ideas or suggestions on things that can be done to either immediately improve the value of your home or else make it more marketable. As I have helped so many buyers purchase homes for sale in Saskatoon I have a good eye for what the average buyer is looking for and at. Some sellers are interested in these ideas or suggestions while others are looking to sell their home “as is”. I work collaboratively with my clients providing input and feedback on ways to improve the marketability of your home to ensure you receive top dollar in the sale of your Saskatoon home. At any one time there is over a thousand holes for sale in Saskatoon so I will work with you to make sure you home stands out in the market once listed.


This section provides a list of activities you will need to do prior to listing your house. In many cases this list is usually quite short but is unique for each individual Saskatoon home that I sell. I feel it is important that clients are aware there are some activities that should be done to improve the marketability of your home.


If you have decided to sell a home that is a bit older, then renovations are something that could immediately improve the value of your home. It is important to understand though which renovations will increase the value of your home based on the current Saskatoon real estate market.


When selling your home you must remember that your home will be viewed by potential buyers so it is important that they could see themselves living in the same house. This section provides information on making your home more appealing to potential buyers and also what to expect when potential buyers are viewing your home.


Staging your Saskatoon home could range from moving a few pieces of furniture to make a space more open to bringing in a home staging company for a new build or vacant property. This section provides information on the benefits of home staging and the circumstances you may want to consider staging your Saskatoon home.

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