Your Home As Seen By A Buyer

Have you ever seen the email going around about the way your home is seen by you, by your bank, by the government for tax, and by the buyer? This is a funny but pretty much true depiction of how each individual or institution sees your home.

Basically, you see your house as a perfect home without any flaws, the buyer sees your home in a lesser light with flaws, the tenant sees your house like a shack, the appraiser for the bank sees your house as a barn, and the government tax office sees your house as a massive castle. This is pretty much true.

While you may love that quirky feature in your house that causes you to have to duck to get up the stairs a buyer sees this as an issue in moving furniture in. While you may think it is great that you have a huge landing at the top of your stairs where you can put chairs and read, the buyer may see this as a waste of space. While you may have put lots of time and energy into your neat tile mosaic the buyer may see this as too personal and want to rip it out.

Often, sellers get defensive about their homes but you have to remember that, as an experienced Saskatoon real estate agent, I have worked with several hundred buyers and I know how they think so you can’t take things personal, try to remain objective. I know that is easier said than done, having sold several of my own homes in Saskatoon, but you have to wear different hats throughout the transaction and know that I am telling you these things and advising you so that you get the best dollar for your home. Just because I think something looks great in my house doesn’t mean the masses will agree.

I try to be as objective and polite as possible as sometimes someone has worked hard to get their home as it is but sometimes what they have done actually works against them. Trust in my experience with all of those buyers as this is my profession and passion.

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