Saskatoon News September 30, 2011

Saskatoon Circle Drive Bridge Update September 2011

The Saskatoon Circle Drive South project is the largest construction project in the history of Saskatoon.  This $300 million dollar project started construction in 2009 and is scheduled to complete in fall of 2012.  Recently media teams were taken on tours of the construction sites where it was announced that the Circle Drive project will complete on time.  There were concerns in the spring of 2011 that construction may fall behind due to the poor weather.  It turned out that Saskatoon has had one of it’s best summers in years and a late fall which has allowed construction crews to actually get a head of schedule on some parts of the project.

This project will significantly impact and benefit the traffic flow in the city of Saskatoon.  The Circle Drive South expansion will improve accessibility from the east to the west side of the city.  This is excellent for those individuals who work on opposite sides of the city.  With this improved accessibility you will see changes in the Saskatoon real estate market as it is much easier for people to now move throughout the city making some of the areas on the west side more attractive to home buyers.

Although this project is still a year away from being completed you can view pictures on the CTV News website to see the latest construction.  You can even view an online webcam 24 hours a day monitoring the construction on the Circle Drive South bridge.

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Fusion