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Saskatoon News 2021 Behind, 2022 Ahead! Happy Holidays! How has another year flown by?! Is it just me getting older or have others noticed time seems to have been speeding by? As many of you know, we relocated our family to Vancouver Island at the end of 2019 while keeping our businesses in Saskatchewan and traveling back and forth. I have […]
Saskatoon News 2018 Christmas Update Where does the time go? It feels like I was just writing this Christmas update a few months ago and another whole year has passed. I really don’t know where December has went but it has been a busier than normal month for real estate in Saskatoon, at least for this Saskatoon REALTOR®!! This year has […]
Saskatoon News New mortgage rules; predictions The new mortgage rules came into effect on Monday and some say it will have drastic consequences to the housing market. The new rules limit the borrowing power of many buyers, those with less than 20% down payment. Those without will have to qualify at a much higher rate before being approved insuring they have […]
Saskatoon News Saskatoon real estate update for September 2016 The September 2016 Saskatoon real estate market sales has decreased from 2015 where 482 houses for sale in Saskatoon sold. This year we saw 446 houses in Saskatoon selling for the month of September. The average home price in Saskatoon did see an increase from last year with the average house price at $353,704 for […]
Saskatoon News Saskatoon real estate market update for July 2015 The July 2015 Saskatoon real estate market sales has increased from 2014 where 419 houses for sale in Saskatoon sold. This year we saw a market decrease with 444 houses in Saskatoon selling for the month of July. The average home price in Saskatoon did not see significant changes from last year with the average […]
Saskatoon News Saskatoon’s perimeter highway concept The province of Saskatchewan has begun planning for a perimeter highway around Saskatoon. The hope is to allow highway traffic to bypass the city entirely and to alleviate thru city traffic to areas surrounding Saskatoon. The infrastructure project has no start date and estimates are the project could cost close to $2 billion once the […]
Saskatoon News Saskatoon one of Canada’s spookiest cities. Read, if you dare!   Halloween is tomorrow and it’s difficult not to think about ghosts and goblins and getting that eerie, creepy feeling is somewhat inevitable. In a recent national survey conducted by, over 12,000 Canadians polled ranked Saskatoon as the fifth spookiest city in the country. The winner? Montreal was ranked as the spookiest. The City […]
Saskatoon News Sask. continues to grow Statistics Canada just released a new report that Saskatchewan’s population could top 1.5 million people by 2038. Stats Canada issues its population projections every five years, outlining seven possible scenarios for population growth in Canada and the provinces.  Its projections for Saskatchewan range from the province having a population of anywhere from 1,174,000 people to […]
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Saskatoon News Delay for some Saskatoon schools Some Saskatoon schools are running behind construction schedule for the 2014/15 school year. Crews are working hard on renovations at Holy Cross High School so it will be ready for Tuesday, when classes are due to resume. Painting and finishing work is nearing completion and they are hopeful there will be no delays in the […]
Saskatoon News Morale is high in Saskatoon The 2014 annual civic survey results were just released and Saskatonians are more satisfied with the overall services provided by the City than they were last year. 86% of telephone respondents and 79% of online respondents said they were satisfied or very satisfied compared to last year’s 83% and 73% respectively. The perception of quality […]
Saskatoon News Setting a new trend for Saskatoon Construction is about to begin, setting a new trend for Saskatoon. A new mixed-use development is going to be built in Saskatoon’s Willowgrove area located in Willowgrove Square. Phase one for the mixed-use three storey building, named The Myriad, will house 25 residential and commercial units as well as a food court. The Myriad will […]
Saskatoon News Making Bridge Park a reality It’s not set to be completed for another 25 years but Saskatoon is hoping to see the addition of what the City is now calling Bridge Park. It’s a green space that would allow vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians to cross the CP rail yards in north downtown. The park would cover 5 acres and connect […]
Saskatoon News Retail opening in Rosewood City council has just approved a new development in Rosewood for retail space. Arbutus Properties is set to develop retail space, named Meadows Market, with construction to begin immediately on the infrastructure. Rosewood will see a retail area in it’s ‘town centre’ which will include wide sidewalks, front store parking, and a community gathering space […]
Saskatoon News The City of Bridges is about to expand Both Provincial and Federal governments have pledged to financially assist the City of Saskatoon to fund two major bridge projects. Between the two levels of government, $116 million will be contributed to the projects. This major project, which will be designed, built, and maintained by a private sector partner, will involve the replacement of the […]
Saskatoon News Saskatoon’s newest neighbourhood – Brighton A new neighbourhood has been announced for Saskatoon’s south east, and it’s not going to be a small one either. Brighton is set to house 15,505 residents when complete. That’s the same size as the city of Yorkton. When complete it will be the largest neighbourhood in Saskatoon in terms of population. Brighton is also […]
Saskatoon News Saskatoon real estate market update for April 2014 The April 2014 Saskatoon real estate market improved slightly from 2013 where 437 houses for sale in Saskatoon sold. This year we saw the market increase it’s sales with 452 houses in Saskatoon selling for the month of April. The average home price in Saskatoon didn’t see significant changes with the average house price at $352,656 for […]
Saskatoon News Saskatoon tops another list! Saskatoon has done it again, we’ve topped another list of best places to live (well second place actually). This time though, its a list of best places in Canada to be a woman. The best (and worst) cities in Canada were determined by a study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Based out of […]
Saskatoon News Growing pains Saskatoon is a city that keeps growing. With a population of over 250,000 people now, Saskatoon needs to rethink its long term strategies. Expansion is enivitable but for the past 30-40 years the city has grown out and more space has been acquired. One expert in the field, Avi Akkerman -a professor of urban planning […]
Saskatoon News New SIAST facility in Saskatoon With a growing economy comes a growing demand for trades as the city expands. Specifically, the demand for plumbers and pipefitters in Saskatchewan has prompted SIAST to open a new training facility. The 3 classroom, 3050 sq ft space offers a large shop space and is close to the existing main campus. This new centre […]
Saskatoon News Blackstrap Provincial Park expands its amenities Blackstrap Provincial Park, nearby the town of Dundurn (40 KM’s from Saskatoon), is getting some much needed attention. Currently the park offers campsites, a boat launch, swimming, playground facilities, and even a beach. It’s been commercially underdeveloped for many years and now will see a 2.6 million dollar project under construction. A marina and rental […]