Kari's Corner October 3, 2011

Saskatoon Real Estate Going Green with Technology

Since becoming a Saskatoon real estate agent in 2007 I have learnt that our industry is dominated by paper.  It seems we consume paper in almost everything we do whether it is writing a contract to buy or sell a Saskatoon home, create marketing materials for Saskatoon homes for sale, or printing out listings for clients.  I like to consider myself environmentally aware and have done a lot of things in my own personal life to try and make a bit more of a difference.  In my house we recycle everything we can which has resulted in us having more recyclable materials each week then we do garbage.  I have subscribed to recycling services in Saskatoon as long as they have been offered.  This past summer I prepared a garden which also contains a composter which will help address some of the other biodegradable materials that we can’t recycle.  The house I live in is an energy efficient house which has resulted in significant decreases in our heating/cooling and water consumption.

Although I am doing a variety of activities in my personal life, I wanted to also take some of these initiatives into my professional life.  Recently I posted a blog about my new iPad that I use for my Saskatoon real estate career.  This little device has been extremely helpful in conducting my day to day real estate business and has also provided a lot of benefit to my clients.  Since I first purchased my iPad I have been working towards becoming totally paperless.  With a lot of research and the right combination of applications I am hoping to be paperless in the next month.  There is a bit of a learning curve but I have already noticed a significant reduction in my paper consumption while working as a Saskatoon REALTOR®. I will continue to post updates on my progress.

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Fusion