Saskatoon News July 29, 2012

HGTV Filming Today at One Of My Houses For Sale In Saskatoon

Pretty exciting news that HGTV is filming at one of my Saskatoon houses for sale. They contacted me about a month ago regarding one of my listings, a beautiful walkout for sale in Willowgrove. They had a request from potential buyers who they enlisted to film the program Urban Suburban that this listing be one of the featured homes.

Urban Suburban is a show on HGTV that is going into its second season so my Saskatoon home for sale won’t be seen until the fall but that is okay, I have already sold this house. The show features brother and sister REALTORS, Phil DuMoulin and Sarah Daniels, who compete to find one family their dream home. Sarah works to prove that the suburbs aren’t all about the cookie cutter houses and soccer moms while Phil works to prove that downtown living isn’t all about a huge mortgage and no living space. As the hosts are not actually real estate agents in Saskatoon they can’t actually sell the homes they show but this is television after all. I am interested to see how it all plays out on the program once I get to see how it is all filmed.

Many people have asked me if I get to be on the show and the answer is no, unfortunately not. There are a few Saskatoon realtors involved in the show as they are filming in our listings but we aren’t actually being featured. I have been fortunate to have been on the air several times in my Saskatoon real estate career so maybe I will have to chat with them and offer up my expertise.

I am also curious how much, in an hour program, you actually will see my house for sale in Willowgrove as they require 3 hours on site for filming. I am happy that my sellers were open to the filming to occur in their home. I look forward to watching Urban Suburban when this one airs!

If you are considering buying a house for sale in Saskatoon or listing your house for sale in Saskatoon consider calling me. I am one of only 3 trusted Saskatoon realtors by Trusted Saskatoon and this is quite an honour given that we have almost 600 realtors in Saskatoon.

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
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