Saskatoon NewsSaskatoon Real Estate News July 4, 2013

June Saskatoon Real Estate Market Update

The Saskatoon real estate market was busy in the month of June. We saw an increase in Saskatoon home buyers by 8% compared to 2013. We are still down a moderate 3% in overall sales in 2013 from 2012.

One of the busiest price ranges of houses for sale in Saskatoon continues to be over $450,000 with a 28% increase in sales between $500,000-$750,000 and a 45% increase in sales of houses for sale over $750,000. This is huge for the Saskatoon real estate market and Saskatoon in general.

Another busy price range is always on houses for sale in Saskatoon between $300,000-$350,000. It could have something to do with this being a very popular range for first time home buyers in Saskatoon. With 2893 houses in Saskatoon selling so far this year of those 512 were in the $300,000-$350,000 price range.

The average home price in Saskatoon is still seeing an upward trend with a 5% increase to $348,000 but keep in mind the 45% increase in sales over $750,000 as this will skew these numbers.

On average it is taking 40 days to sell the average home in Saskatoon however also keep in mind that some of these numbers reflect new construction and empty lots so this can definitely increase the average days on market for a house for sale in Saskatoon. If a house for sale in Saskatoon is priced correctly it appears to be selling in under 3 weeks. Even sometimes within days if priced and marketed properly.

We are still in a balanced real estate market in Saskatoon with a healthy number of houses and condos for sale in Saskatoon. We are now at over 600 real estate agents in Saskatoon, that number is up 3% from the year before. We have seen a handful of Saskatoon REALTORS leaving the business so far this month as license renewals are up.

In Saskatoon and surrounding area we have a healthy number of listings. We are up 8% from 2012 at 2971 houses for sale in Saskatoon and surrounding communities with 1316 of those in Saskatoon.

If you are considering buying a house in Saskatoon and want more information feel free to contact me. I am a member of Trusted Saskatoon therefore am an honest Saskatoon REALTOR who has been thoroughly researched to ensure reliability, honesty, integrity, etc.

Kari Calder
Century 21 Fusion
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent