Kari's CornerSaskatoon News July 5, 2013

Maybe Lulu Should Have Kept CANADA in a Canadian Company?

This is unfortunate for what used to be a company that Canada could be proud of but I can’t say I was surprised to read about the news that Lululemon faces more legal action in the US relating to the recall of ‘too sheer’ black yoga pants.

I had to laugh at one of my Saskatoon real estate clients as she was posting on Facebook how wrong it is for girls to wear see through ‘leggings’ like pants. I have to wonder how many of those she was complaining about were wearing a pair of overpriced Lulu pants!

I have to say I have been boycotting our great “Canadian” company ever since I realized they stopped making their pricey clothing outside of Canada. Quality control an issue? Is that a big surprise? Some members of my family who shall remain unnamed still get suckered into the Lulu mentality but I have been trying to switch them over to One Tooth which is made in Vancouver. I have also heard from one of my Century 21 Saskatoon colleagues that Serenity Apparel is great…and actually Canadian.

Upon realizing that the pants I paid way too much for but only did so as I thought I was employing more Canadians I wrote a letter to Lululemon. Big surprise I got a letter back explaining economics. Clothes made in 3rd world countries for a small fraction of the cost and still charging what they do, or more, was disappointing for a company who began proudly Canadian.

Their tags are also deceiving as they are now “Designed” in Canada or Vancouver to be specific…yet made in China and other countries where labour is cheap and work environments unsafe. Of course, like any other company, they are trying to increase profit while reducing costs but at what cost? The most recent recall of these Luon pants has cost them $60 million!

There are also allegations of artificially inflating stock price.

Maybe they should have stuck with Canadian and stuck with Made in Canada. It is unfortunate as I did really like their products prior to them being made cheaply in other countries. I have another first time home buyer in Saskatoon who one day showed me 2 pairs of pants-1 was probably 10 years old and in still pretty good condition, worn but good…the other 2 years old and already falling apart. Guess which was which? Made in Canada or made in China? Buy One Tooth from Vancouver or other truly proudly Canadian clothing companies instead of being deceived by ones like Lululemon just for the brand.

Kari Calder
Century 21 Fusion
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent