Saskatoon News October 17, 2013

Saskatoon’s 10 year plan

The City has released a 10 year plan to help aid with traffic congestion in some of the growing Saskatoon neighbourhoods. They’ve narrowed down the priority list to include a North Commuter Bridge and arterial roads and interchanges in new suburbs to help people move easily into the rest of the city.

The target is set for the new North Commuter Bridge to open for 2016. Officials are hoping that this will alleviate congestion on the roads to Circle Drive North. There is substantial residential growth in the northeast and the North industrial area is where the majority of the employment growth is occurring.

Plans also call for road construction and development across Saskatoon’s northeast swale, north of the Evergreen subdivision.  The swale is an ecologically sensitive area which houses wetlands and diverse habitat for plants and animals.  Preserving the ecological areas is a priority to the City and specific crossing points and guidelines will be followed to minimize impact.

Currently there isn’t funding in place for most of these projects. The City of Saskatoon is just identifying what areas are a priority so that they will know how much funding is needed and beginning the planning phases.

Long term, this construction will provide better access in and out of Saskatoon’s expanding neighbourhoods. If you are considering a move to one of these Saskatoon neighbourhoods, contact me for more information regarding area specific construction plans.


Kari Calder

Saskatoon real estate agent

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