Kari's Corner October 23, 2013

More blue than P!nk

It’s just a day before the P!nk concert was scheduled to take place in Saskatoon, and it was announced late yesterday that it has now been postponed. I have to say I’m bummed about her not making an appearance on her original October 24th show date. It’s been announced that doctors have forced her to postpone 3 shows in Western Canada (Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Edmonton) until the new year.

She was put on a four day vocal rest before her shows in Seattle and Vancouver and after those performances it was clear to the doctor’s that she needed more time to recover from laryngitis and inflamed vocal chords. A cost of doing business I suppose.

The show in Saskatoon has been rescheduled for Jan 15/14 and even though I was really looking forward to seeing her perform live tomorrow night, I will just have to wait like the rest of the eager concert goers. I’m sure it’ll be well worth the wait.

Instead, I think I’ll schedule some buyers in for tomorrow night to view some Saskatoon houses for sale.  After all, my show must go on 🙂


Kari Calder

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