Kari's Corner October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Today is Halloween and I thought I’d share with you some of the most haunted places discovered across the Canadian prairies.  Read on, if you dare!

Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta

Legend has it that a family was brutally murdered in room 873 many years ago. The room has been since covered in but if you look closely next time you are at the hotel, you can still see where the room was. Guests also report seeing a vision of a bride roaming the halls of the hotel. She was reported to have accidentally lit her dress on fire with a candle as she was walking down the stairs. Her dress became engulfed and she fell down the stairs to her death.

Edmonton General Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta

Despite being closed for years, the old B wing of the hospital still smells as though there are patients in the ward. Children’s cries can be heard, an aspiration of a man who died while doing construction on the hospital has been seen as well as a mother who has been seen crying for her dead child.  Creepy.

Walker Theatre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Staff at the 100 year old theatre claim to hear constant whispers and voices as well as applause from inside the empty theatre. 200 pound steel doors have been seen moving on their own. Some believe that the activity can be explained by Laurnece Irving and Mabel Hackney who were actors at the theatre and died in 1914.

Weyburn Mental Hospital, Weyburn, Saskatchewan

Weyburn was home to one of Canada’s first mental hospitals. Investigations in the 1930’s found cruel and inhumane practices by the staff at the hospital. Within the walls was found to be home of lobotomies, electric shock therapy, and controversial LSD experiments. Before being demolished in 2009, people had heard voices and reported seeing a woman pacing through the fourth floor windows at night.

St. Louis, Saskatchewan

Just outside Prince Albert, St. Louis is known as a friendly town by day.  But by night, the town is know for mysterious happenings and strange paranormal occurances. A set of train tracks was covered over after an accident on the tracks had killed an entire family. Legend has it that the engineer responsible for the accident was so plagued with guilt that he committed suicide at the scene and to this day people report seeing the engineer walking and ghost trains coming through the area where the tracks once were.

Have a safe and happy Halloween.  I’ll be at the sales centre for the Chaparral Ridge condo project in Martensville tonight. Come and see what it’s all about if you’re not  too busy trick or treating!


Kari Calder

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