Saskatoon NewsSaskatoon Real Estate News November 14, 2013

New schools set to be built in Saskatoon

An announcement recently came that Saskatchewan will see the addition of 9 new joint use schools. Because of the provinces’ remarkable growth and to meet the challenges initiated by this growth, the government is ensuring that adequate infrastructure is in place. The schools will be built in four cities across the province with four being built in Saskatoon.

Saskatoon will see new joint use (public and separate schools under one building) schools in the Evergreen, Stonebridge, Hampton Village, and Rosewood neighbourhoods. This will add to the two set to open for the following school year (2013-2014) in Willowgrove.

Martensville and Warman will also each get a new school and the remaining three will be built in Regina.

Enrolment is up 20% (4,256 students) in Saskatoon elementary schools from 2007 with Warman seeing an increase of 90% and Martensville at 52%.

Building joint use schools will allow the schools to be built quicker and will allow for shared programming opportunities and maintenance costs.

This is fantastic news for people living in the newer areas of Saskatoon and struggle with schooling options. New areas will become more attractive and Saskatoon will be able to continue to thrive and grow as a whole. If you are considering a move into one of these neighbourhoods, it may be a great time to start planning.


Kari Calder

Saskatoon Real Estate Agent

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