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Delay for some Saskatoon schools

Some Saskatoon schools are running behind construction schedule for the 2014/15 school year. Crews are working hard on renovations at Holy Cross High School so it will be ready for Tuesday, when classes are due to resume. Painting and finishing work is nearing completion and they are hopeful there will be no delays in the common areas.

Saskatoon’s largest Catholic high school has been going through a roughly $21-million renovation process over the last few years. A new student common area has been completed, as well as an industrial arts classroom. However, a new gym is still under construction and will not be in use at the start of the school year. Some areas will be continued to be blocked off to facilitate the major construction but the major areas will be open and ready for the new school year.

That isn’t the case for the new elementary schools in Willowgrove, Holy Family and Willowgrove Elementary. Construction on the joint use schools has been delayed and officials are forced to re-route students to nearby schools until construction is complete, moving to Plan B.

Students enrolled at Willowgrove School will be transported to Ecole Forest Grove School and Dr. John G. Egnatoff School. Those slated to attend Holy Family will start their year at Father Robinson and St. Volodymyr School.

Students enrolled in the uncompleted schools will have the same classmates and teachers that they will have once they move into their new facility. Both school boards hope the buildings will be able to accommodate children by January when school resumes after the Christmas break.
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