Saskatoon Real Estate News May 12, 2016

Pricing is key

Have a house to sell in the current real estate market in Saskatoon? The key for it to sell in a reasonable amount of time is pricing. More than any other factor, pricing your home to the current market is of the utmost importance.

Currently the average home in Saskatoon takes 46 days to sell which is a increase of 15% over the five year average. Another interesting statistic is the current sales to listing ratio. It currently sits at 34.4% which means that out of 10 houses that are listed for sale, only 4 will sell. The sale prices seen are equal to 97.2% of their asking price.

The most notable statistic is the sales to listing ratio of 24.9%, showing a 14% decline over last year which firmly dictates a buyers’ market.
I can provide sound pricing and timing advice to position your home in the best possible place. With pricing key to success in this market, I’d be happy to provide a market evaluation with accurate advice to ensure you success.
Kari Calder
Saskatoon real estate agent
Century 21 Fusion