Saskatoon Real Estate News May 26, 2016

Grow op and meth lab public registry?

REALTORS® are pushing to have a public registry made available which will include those properties that have been contaminated by producing illegal drugs. According to the Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS® a comprehensive registry of former marijuana grow ops and methamphetamine labs.

The information is available to police and the Association believes that it should be also made available to real estate professionals and to potential buyers so they can make informed decisions when they look to buy a house. If there is potential damage, potential buyers can ensure they have other inspections done that would eliminate any concerns they may have.

The most common problems plaguing former grow ops is moldy drywall and insulation. Damage from chemicals and improper electrical is also possible and common in these types of homes.

It isn’t clear how many former grow ops and meth labs are in the province but the estimate is that there are at least 200 with many more likely not identified.

The Saskatoon City Police said that while the police force does not have an opinion on civil matters such as real estate transactions, there are privacy issues and concerns with the release of data collected during criminal investigations. Likely something would have to be legislated before the police would be required to divulge the information.

I think the more information available to buyers the better although there has to be some measures in place to protect privacy. In instances where a professional home inspection doesn’t catch the contamination, it’s good to have another safeguard in place.


Kari Calder

Saskatoon real estate agent

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