Saskatoon Real Estate News October 3, 2019

Market Update September 2019

September was very busy for me as a top Saskatoon REALTOR® so I did not get a chance to write my August market update but the early snow has me hunkering down to give you all an update for what is happening this fall in Saskatoon’s real estate market.

This month we had more unit listings in and around Saskatoon with 1048 compared to 2018 where we had 936 but for the overall year we are down a mere 2%. Our sales were also up with 398 sales compared to 375 the year before. In the City of Saskatoon itself we saw 305 sales which was up 14% from 2018 where this same month we had 267 sales.

The average house price in Saskatoon for September 2019 was up 10% from the previous year at $351,741 while the rolling average was up only 2% at $336,955. Outside of Saskatoon we are seeing an average house price of $302,502 up from $294,309 the previous year and the rolling average is under $300,000 at $295,187.

We currently have 3805 active listings in and around Saskatoon but this also includes commercial. In Saskatoon we have 1896 compared to 1944 last year and around Saskatoon we see a very small decrease at 1143 compared to 1161 the previous year.

The number of real estate offices has jumped from 31 offices to 35 this year while the number of brokerages has gone down by one. We have seen an increase in the number of registered REALTORS® in Saskatoon to 581 from 566 in 2018 and over 642 licensees.

As always, if you are curious about what is happening in the Saskatoon real estate market and you don’t see an update from me, please reach out to me by phone, text or email and I would be happy to chat about the current market.

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Have a lovely October!