Saskatoon Restaurant Guide October 31, 2011

Hole in the Wall Restaurant


[/custom_frame_left]Over the past few years I have heard about the Hole in the Wall and always with good reviews so I was anxious for an opportunity to eventually go out there. I was pleasantly surprised by friends and family on my birthday this year when a group of us headed out to Blackstrap Shields for a birthday supper. First off, for those of you who may not be familiar with Blackstrap or how far it is outside of Saskatoon, it is approximately a 30 minute drive from the edge of the city. If you are considering going be prepared and if you are deciding on having anything to drink be sure to arrange a designated driver. Luckily on my birthday one of my close friends offered to be our designated driver which was great.

Warning though, if you just want a quick bite to eat, the Hole in the Wall is not your best choice. If you are looking to make an evening out of your dining experience then read on! One thing to note when driving out to the restaurant itself is that the signs aren’t very well marked so if you are not familiar with this area south of Saskatoon be sure to get the detailed driving instructions off the website below. After a bit of a trek we rolled up to a building that looked like an old gas station and that is exactly what it is! The Hole in the Wall is located in a very old Texaco gas station (just tells you how old since we haven’t had Texaco gas stations in a very long time). Upon entering the building I was pleasantly surprised with the unique decor and very cozy feeling.

Our night out was on a Sunday which meant that it wasn’t nearly as busy. Note: the Hole in the Wall is only open from Wednesday to Sunday from 6:00pm on and only with a reservation. We were immediately greeted by our server at the front door and shown our table in the back area. In total we had about 12 people in our group so we had plenty of room and almost the entire restaurant to ourselves. The great thing about the Hole in the Wall is that they don’t re-book tables in the evening so they encourage people to stay as long as they want and take in the whole experience.

The wine list had a great selection of wines ranging from entry level bottles all of the way up to higher end bottles. Our group decided to get a mixture of reds and whites to go with all of the assortments of meals. At first glance of the menu I know I was in for a treat. The menu definitely has a Peruvian influence. There are two options when ordering meals. The first is the “Menu de Fiesta” which allows you to really determine what you want. It provides a great way to sample a lot of different items on the menu. The only catch is that everyone at your table must select this option and it is a flat fee for everyone. There are 3 or 4 options with this meal choice. Our group opted out for this (although next time we go we will probably try it) and decided to instead order a traditional meal with appetizers and main courses. The appetizer menu provides a great selection and between our entire group probably covered off ¾ of the appetizer menu. Personally I tried the Bolsa de Plata (money bags), Empenadas, Mariscos and the Campecinos (we all shared). All appetizers were excellent and the reviews around the table were excellent.

The next course was a fresh garden salad and a bowl of carrot soup. The carrot soup was excellent and perhaps the best I’ve ever had. Following the soup and salad came the mains. My fiance’ selected the El Conquistador which provided him a selection of ribs and shrimp and was recommended as one of the top items on their menu. I opted for the Salmon which was an excellent choice. It was interesting as the first few minutes of the meal was actually quiet around the table which very rarely happens with our group of friends. After a short bit of silence everyone started talking about how incredible their food was. My salmon was cooked perfectly and was absolutely delicious. By the time everyone finished their meal there wasn’t a single person around our table who didn’t thoroughly enjoy their meal and, in many cases, said it may be one of their best meals they have had. The portions were excellent sizes (not too big and not too small) and everyone was definitely full by the time we were done.

All in all I have to say that the Hole in the Wall Restaurant may be the best restaurant I’ve been to in Saskatoon to date. I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a great night but make sure you have the time to really enjoy the entire experience. We were there from 7 until about 11. I honestly couldn’t think of a better name for the Hole in the Wall Restaurant located out by Blackstrap but again recommend everyone to go if you haven’t!


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