Saskatoon News February 8, 2012

Co-Op is Open for Business in Stonebridge

The City of Saskatoon continues to grow and expand like crazy. Stonebridge is one of the communities that seems to be growing leaps and bounds, both in residential real estate in Saskatoon as well in commercial space.

We welcome the newest member of the Saskatoon Co-Op family to occupy some commercial space in Stonebridge. This will be a nice alternative to people who don’t want to shop for all of their food needs at the Wal Mart Super Centre. Co-Op is often known for their top cuts of meat and great produce as well as their fresh bakery so I am sure customers will be happy with what they see.

This 32,000 square foot building is a new concept and new look for Co-Op as changes have been made to the overall look. The floors, the walls, the colours and the decor choices are all different and is said to be a new and exciting look. Co-Op isn’t worried about the close proximity of the Wal Mart in Stonebridge as they feel they have something special to offer. I agree as their fresh departments and customer service stand out.

The store can be found just south of the Co-Op Gas Station in Stonebridge just off of Clarence Avenue. This is a great location for both people who live in Stonebridge but also those who live in Casa Rio, Saskatoon or the Willows. This is great for the Saskatoon home owners who live in Stonebridge. It is just one more great amenity that makes Stonebridge a great place to live or work.

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Fusion