Saskatoon News February 8, 2012

Welcome Home Orthodontic Grads-New Clinic in Saskatoon

It is wonderful to see that Saskatchewan has not lost 2 very talented dentists but more so Orthodontists. Both Dr. Mike Wagner and Dr. Ryan Lacoursiere, Saskatchewan born and raised, graduated from the U of S College of Dentistry but both went in separate directions to attend grad school and master their passion. Wagner went to London while Lacoursiere went to Edmonton. Now both are back and they are bringing the latest technology to Saskatoon at Image Orthodontics.

One of the reasons for coming back is that they recognize we are a ‘have province’ and as Wagner states, “People here deserve every option they have in bigger centres.” Excellent! They are bringing all the technology that is current and available in places like Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto.

Some of that technology brought to Saskatoon includes invisible retainers and braces on the inside instead of the outside are just a couple of examples of what they are doing. Imagine how that will positively affect people’s self-esteem? Kids no longer being called “Brace Face” and other, I am sure, much meaner monikers for kids with braces.

Not only do Dr. Mike Wagner and Dr. Ryan Lacoursiere of Saskatoon bring the latest and greatest in orthodontics, they also are placing an emphasis on building an environmentally friendly business. Their Saskatoon office is 95% paperless, they have made an effort to use materials that are easy to clean and don’t need a load of maintenance and they also use biodegradable products throughout the business along with recycle where they can. As a real estate agent in Saskatoon who is trying to go as paperless as possible this factor is very important to me.

Go check them out for any of your orthodontic needs at Image Orthodontics from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. They are located at 150-1820 McOrmond Drive. Some will say in Willowgrove, others will say Arbor Creek, while others yet will say University Heights. Whatever you call the area it doesn’t matter, going to see these doctors who could have went to many other cities is sure to make a positive difference in your smile today.

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Fusion