Saskatoon News February 20, 2012

KIJIJI Saskatoon Real Estate Rental Scam

There is a rental scam that has been dominating my time since Thursday as my phone has been ringing with questions about a house that I apparently have for rent. My emails have been going crazy as well regarding emails I have been apparently sending. I am also apparently in Africa doing missionary work which is why I am not able to meet you at the house but that you are allowed to view it from the exterior.

I have become a victim of being impersonated. I am NOT in Africa, I am a trusted Saskatoon Real Estate agent whose name is being attached to some very unethical and evil plans. I am fighting back as I don’t want to see innocent people hurt or my reputation tarnished.

My sellers, with the house for sale in Saskatoon that has been posted as for rent, have also been affected as people are showing up at their doorstep at all hours to try to rent this home as it is a beautiful home for a low rental price.

There are many other victims out there who have had false hope of renting this beautiful home and have been communicating with these scammers. I am hopeful that no one has sent money to these criminals. They are asking for $1000 deposit and then they will send the keys.

Luckily most people do their due diligence and at least google my name or call me. Imagine my surprise when I got the first call on Thursday regarding several emails I sent a lady about this property for rent. I had a brief moment where I considered I may be getting Alzheimers as she was insistent that I had been in touch with her. I had her send me, the legitimate Kari Calder Saskatoon Real Estate Agent, the emails and immediately realized what was happening. They were opening email accounts with Yahoo and using my actual name in the email address;, and I am sure others as I hope yahoo closed those accounts after I sent them information that they were being used in scams.

Please help spread the word that this scam is occuring in our city and is affecting innocent people. There have been many disappointed potential renters whose hopes and dreams of a beautiful and affordable place to live have been squashed. I, and my Saskatoon home seller, are very hopeful that no one shows up on their doorstep with a UHAUL or a moving truck on March 1st with keys that do not work anywhere. Not only would these poor renters be out $1000 at least, they may also be homeless and this is so unfair. The Saskatoon City Police have been informed and have a small section now on their website but they don’t do anything on fraud under $5000.

Please warn everyone you can.

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Fusion