Saskatoon News February 22, 2012


First of all I want to thank everyone for their support and for helping to get the word out there about this scam that has been using my name. These scams are nothing new but using REALTORS names attached to them is new and disturbing.

Below is an update of media coverage but also an email the REAL Kari Calder Saskatoon real estate agent sent the FRAUDULENT Kari Calder in Nigeria.

Unbelievably, these frausters are still attempting to rent this house. CKOM Saskatoon reporter, Bre McAdam, actually called the number yesterday that has been provided for the Western Union pickup of the $1000 deposit and pretended she was interested in renting the home. They fell for it until she identified herself as a reporter and they promptly hung up the phone.

The CKOM interview can be read about here:

CTV also covered the scam

And Global Saskatoon has done an amazing job with it, reporter Wendy Winiewski did a great job, you can see the video here:

I emailed the frausters the following, check out the response I got from at the top.


— On Mon, 2/20/12, Kari Calder <>

From: Kari Calder <>

Subject: from the REAL Kari Calder

To: “

Date: Monday, February 20, 2012, 2:55 PM

Dear Scammers,

Shame on you.

You have put innocent people at risk with your
attempts to defraud potential renters in Saskatoon with your kijiji ad. The
safety of my sellers, whose home you have been attempting to rent under my
name, is only a small part of what you are doing, but you clearly have no
conscience. I am sure your mother would be very disappointed in your actions.

The media has been informed and will be
running stories on this fraud as well as the local and national police. I
understand you already received a phone call from a reporter.

Stop using my name, people do their due
diligence and pick up the phone and find out very quickly that you are
impersonating me. Or they simply go to my websites and find the warnings I
have posted there.

Kari Calder



I am not sure if that means they think I am stupid or if that is a threat. Whatever it means, I am on top of it and the word is out and hopefully will continue to make its way across Canada.

While most people who have English as their first language will be able to spot the grammatical mistakes my fear is all of the immigrants who are moving to our country and especially moving to Saskatoon and need to find a home for their family. Most need a place to rent and this looks like the deal of a lifetime! They may not catch the grammar errors or understand how we do things here and may not have anyone to help them. It is people like that who I fear may have sent money which is why these frausters keep doing what they are doing.

If you know anyone who has sent any money to these criminals, contact the City of Saskatoon Police if it is in Saskatoon or else your local police.

Thank you for your help to stop these criminals!

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Specialist
Century 21 Fusion