Saskatoon News March 28, 2012

Willowgrove Commercial Project Now Under Way

As a Willowgrove resident I am looking forward to seeing our newest project come to fruition. I have been walking my dog past the ‘mixed-use development’ area for the past 2 years wondering what will be going here and when this will be started, so the Star Phoenix article today made me happy.

Baydo Development Corp, a locally owned and operated land and real estate developer in Saskatoon, will be building a 75,000 square foot commercial and residential building which is a key project for Willowgrove. Their intention is to have space for small shops plus residences above the stores. The plans have a 25,000 square foot main level with 10 retail stores and the top 2 floors will consist of 48 one and two bedroom residential units which have a projected sale price of $180,000-$220,000 and their plans are to make these rental units.

Their plan is to make this as eco-friendly as possible and having solar power to preheat the boilers which should work for temperatures as low as -15 degrees which means lower than normal operating fees. The project is meant to be started this spring and finalized by September, 2013.

They already have a small convenience store for one of the spots and are looking for boutique-style stores such as a coffee shop, salon, small clothing store, etc.

There is one more property for sale in Willowgrove that is slated for the same type of development and Evergreen has similar plans for the same type of development. While most lots for sale in Willowgrove have been sold and construction of single family homes in Willowgrove is coming to an end there are still a lot of multi-family dwellings being constructed.

As a REALTOR in Saskatoon who has sold many houses in Willowgrove I am pretty excited that there is just one more thing to offer the residents. Just another great reason to buy a house for sale in Willowgrove as our neighbourhood is rounding out.

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Fusion