Saskatoon News August 31, 2012

Warman To Be A City By Fall

Can you believe that in 1964 the small town of Warman had homes that didn’t even have water? Some had wells, some had outhouses! It must be a bit of a shock to some of those longtime residents who have watched it grow from a small one horse town to the bustling community it is today. Paved streets, a golf course and a sports complex-what a change!

The population of Warman hit 7085 in the 2011 census which puts them in the ranking to become Saskatchewan’s next city this October. Real estate in Warman has certainly boomed with more than a handful of houses selling for over $625,000 this year alone and another 7 homes for sale in Warman that are currently over $600,000.

With the newfound city status Warman will likely continue to attract more people and investors with a big box store development already in the works. The city of Warman will also have access to federal and provincial funding that wasn’t there before. Warman used to be a ‘bedroom community’ of Saskatoon however these days it is more self-sustaining than ever. There is even a Tim Horton’s in Warman and it is always busy when I am out there showing houses for sale in Warman.

With newfound growth also comes struggles though and schools have felt this the most in Warman. There is now a new middle-years school under construction which will help alleviate some of the strain on the 2 schools as enrollment has been  high.

Like all communities this one is not without growing pains and resistance but the growth is good and will continue to grow.

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Kari Calder

Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
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