Saskatoon News January 2, 2013

Life Of Pi-Saskatoon Author Sees Vision on Big Screen

Saskatoon author, Yann Martel, is definitely having a great year! One of the big stories of the year in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix (and world wide) is the major motion picture of the famous book, Life of Pi.

Yann Martel wrote the book while living in Montreal but he has been living here for quite a long time. He and his partner, Alice Kuipers, moved out to Saskatoon where he would be the public library’s write in residence. They have 2 children and are expecting their 3rd.

The book has sold over 14 million copies but, despite its success, Martel is still a down to earth man who still gives his home number to reporters and is a member of the Saskatoon Library Board. He also does interviews at moment’s notice and appears at book clubs of all sizes. A typical Saskatoon man. He also hosted a pre-screeing at the Galaxy Theatre here in Saskatoon two days before the worldwide debut where he personally greeted his guests in the lobby. His partner, Alice, was at the front table handing out tickets and directing people to get their free popcorn. Sounds bizarre to some but to Saskatoon people it just shows how simple, honest and real we are here.

Costing a reported $70 million dollars and directed by famous Ang Lee (who won an Academy Award for the best director for Brokeback Mountain and was also nominated for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) this adaption of Martel’s novel will be huge! I can’t wait to see it. I have a Saskatoon real estate client who has already gone and LOVED it so I definitely cannot wait.

I recall a couple of years ago I sat down to attack the book but my mind wasn’t ready for it. Earlier in 2012 I broke out the book again and loved it. It was a nice break from my work as a REALTOR in Saskatoon as it put my mind somewhere far away. Then I found out they were making a 3D movie about it and, like many others, I wondered how they could make a 2 hour movie out of the book so I am super excited to watch this. Almost 10 years has passed since film rights were obtained as many did think it was not filmable.

Sounds like time to book a date night with my husband to check out one of the few movies I will see this year in Saskatoon!

Kari Calder
Century 21 Fusion
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent