Saskatoon News November 7, 2013

School enrolment is at an all time high

Now that Saskatoon elementary schools are back in full session, the numbers are in and show that enrolment numbers are at a record high. After years of seeing growing numbers, the number of students has increased by almost 1,000 students across the city.

The new numbers show that Saskatoon Public Schools show a record number of 22,757 students attending schools at both the primary and secondary levels. This number was an increase of 682 students.  Similarly, Saskatoon Catholic Schools saw an increase of 303 students enrolled this year.

One of the major contributing factors for the increase is the booming immigrant population in Saskatoon. The school growth also was accompanied by a growth in demand for ESL (English as a second language) programs within both school divisions. Students registered in the ESL programs in the Catholic division increased by 169 students and the public school division rose by 472 students.
The largest jump in numbers came from the younger grades in both divisions and are facing demands for more ESL support and classroom space for the students.

Both the public and Catholic school divisions are pushing to see new schools in the Hampton Village and Stonebridge areas sooner than later.  Nothing has been announced in those areas but with the opening of the schools in Willowgrove scheduled for next fall, that will hopefully help things in the meantime.

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