Saskatoon News April 24, 2014

Saskatoon tops another list!


Saskatoon has done it again, we’ve topped another list of best places to live (well second place actually). This time though, its a list of best places in Canada to be a woman. The best (and worst) cities in Canada were determined by a study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Based out of Ottawa, this group compared how women expect to fare in certain areas. They looked at all areas including economic security, leadership, health, personal security, and education.

The report highlighted that overall, cities in Quebec scored higher than the rest of the Canada with Quebec City ranking number 1 and Montreal and Sherbrooke placing in the top 10. Alberta had the most inequality with both Calgary and Edmonton scoring the lowest out of 20 cities. Women in Ottawa-Gatineau earn the most, while women in Calgary earned the least. Ontario cities of Kitchener-Waterloo and Oshawa reported the highest levels of stress. Oshawa doubling the level of men. Health and life expectancy often surpassed men generally speaking throughout Canada.

The smallest gender gaps came from the education category with women just slightly more likely to finish secondary and post secondary schooling except in the trades where men are twice as likely to complete vocational training. The largest gaps were not surprisingly found in the employment rate and wages. The cities that fared the best in this category had high levels of public sector workers with stronger pay equality rules such as Ottawa-Gatineau and Quebec City. Calgary and Edmonton were on the bottom of this category mainly due to the concentration of higher paying, male dominated industries.

The data for the various indicators from this study was mostly derived from Statistics Canada surveys and reports and the ranking for the study is as follows:

  1. Québec City
  2. Saskatoon
  3. St. John’s
  4. Montreal
  5. Victoria
  6. Toronto
  7. Ottawa-Gatineau
  8. Sherbrooke
  9. Halifax
  10. Hamilton
  11. Regina
  12. Winnipeg
  13. Vancouver
  14. St. Catharines
  15. London
  16. Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo
  17. Calgary
  18. Windsor
  19. Oshawa
  20. Edmonton

Way to go Saskatoon for scoring number 2 on such an important list. Gender equality is an important issue worldwide and it makes me even prouder that Saskatoon fared so well. Another great reason why Saskatoon is a great place to call home.


Kari Calder

Saskatoon real estate agent

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